VDNR is a co-operative organization which works to ensure that deafened people achieve the same living conditions, rights and opportunities as other citizens in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
Solidarity and exchange of knowledge and experience are prioritized. VNDR can establish co-operation with organizations outside the Nordic region, as in the Baltics.

The most important tasks for VDNR are:

  • To exchange information on development and changes in the living conditions of adult and severely hearing-impaired persons, both those who have or do not have CI or hearing aid.
  • To monitor and influence developments in various areas in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
  • To arrange seminars to exchange experiences in different areas e.g. communication, interpretation, education, cochlear implants and social issues.
  • To initiate and create resources for ongoing collective projects.
  • Collaborate with public organizations and research institutes.
  • Appoint an organizer country for the late-deafened Nordic summer weeks.
  • Involve, inform and co-operate with other organizations.