As we all know, the corona virus is a big issue around the world. Denmark has seen a fast increase in the number of people infected. Therefore the government has decided to “shut down the country”. This means that they ask us all to cancel large gatherings and reduce travelling. It also mean that they are closing all schools and universities, and ask all companies to send employees home if this is possible. We have therefore decided to postpone the VDNR annual meeting and the seminar. We are of course saddened that we must make this decision. There are of course several practical things that we have to investigate before settling on a new meeting date. We will write a new status when we have had the opportunity to consider all options and consequences by moving to a new date. 


The program and registration regarding Seminar in Copenhagen look at  

Meeting and meals:
CABINN APARTMENTS Arne Jacobsens Allé 4 – 2300 Copenhagen S – Tlf: +45 32 46 57 10 – CABINN A/S – CVR-nr. 28 89 66 62

CABINN METRO Arne Jacobsens Allé 2 – 2300 Copenhagen S – Tlf: +45 32 46 57 00 – CABINN A/S – CVR-nr. 28 89 66 62

Thursday 19.3.

Kl. 17.00 Presentation and talk about the future of VDNR.
Kl. 18.30 Dinner

Friday 20.3 – Seminar
Speaking on Scandinavian or EnglishSEMINAR DAY IS OPEN TO ALL.

Kl. 10.00 Welcome
Topic: About CI – Rehabilitation and music (subject to change)

Kl. 11.00-11.15 Break – mini exhibition
Topic: About CI – Sound in noice
(subject to change)

Kl. 12.30–13.30 Lunch and mini exhibition
Topic about writing interpretation in the Nordic countries – 4 speakers from 4 Nordic countries **

Kl. 13.30–14.25 Lecture: Bo Kragelund, head of Den Nationale TolkeMyndighed, Denmark
Kl. 14.25–14.55 Coffee break
Kl. 14.55–15.50 Lecture 2 Ulf Norberg, docent University of Stockholm, Sweden
Kl. 15.50–16.00 Break
Kl. 16.00–16.55 Lecture 3 Liisa Sammalpenger, Finnish Hearing Organisation, Kuuloliitto.

Deputy to the VDNR board.
kl. 16.55–17.05 Break
Kl. 17.05–18.00 Lecture 4 Manager for project Brisk, Anders Olsvoll, HLF Briskeby, Norway
Kl. 18.00 Completion

Saturday 21.3 – Annual meeting

Kl. 8.00 Breakfast
Kl. 9.00 The Annual meeting starts
Kl. 11.00 Break
Kl. 11.15 The Annual meeting continued
Kl. 12.30 Lunch
Kl. 13.30 The Annual meeting continued
Kl. 15.00 Coffee break
Kl. 15.30 The Annual meeting continued
Kl. 17.00 The meeting pause to Sunday
Kl. 18.45 Photography
Kl. 19.00 Dinner

Söndag 22.3.

Kl. 8.00 Breakfast
Kl.10.00 – 12.00 The meeting ends
Kl.12.00 Lunch – departure

** The lecture may contain some of the following points:

The user

– how is the user informed about the possibility of writing interpretation?
– the role of the interpreter agent
– the funding process, does this include development projects?
– can the future process be more flexible?

The interpreter and the techniquie

– even with a summary of the spoken words, a minimum writing speed is required
– writing speed today
– writing speed tomorrow
– removed interpretation with respeaking, a possibility?