International Congress 2019

March 22nd , 23rd & 24th 2019



Location : Landgoed Zonheuvel
Amersfoortseweg 98
3941EP Doorn

Theme: Let’s Connect


March 23rd 2019 will be the 30th anniversary of the association of the sudden and late deafened (Stichting Plots- en Laatdoven).
Of course, such a memorable day should not go by unnoticed. After celebrating our 25th anniversary by organizing a very successful international congress, we decided we could do the same, but then even better, for our 30th anniversary!
This time the congress theme will be ‘Let’s connect’.

The theme ‘Let’s connect’ has been chosen because it refers to the fact that many hearing people are hesitant in communicating with deaf people. The question we want to ask ourselves is: What can we do to change this for the better? The ‘Let’s connect’ campaign will be launched at the congress and will continue for two years.

The committee for the congress consists of: Robert ten Bloemendal, Lex Scheffel, Arianne de Man, Georgia van der Gen and Gerard de Vijlder. They have chosen to offer a varied program that deals with various topics of interest.

There are four key topics

  • technology and development
  • ethics, medical perspectives
  • art and creativity
  • role models and advocacy

These topics will be presented by several speakers that come from the Netherlands but also from other countries across the globe.

On Saturday there will an exquisite diner followed by an exciting evening long program. The Dutch singing choir using sign language, referred to as the signing choir, will be amongst the performers that night.

On Sunday afternoon we will be taking you on a cultural tour. The exact location is a surprise for now and will be revealed later.

Just as last time it will be possible to stay overnight in beautiful double (for two persons) rooms at the location of the congress for a reduced price. These rooms are located on the Zonheuvel estate. Of course, we have made sure that the location where the congress will be held has plenty of opportunity to withdraw from the congress at any given time. Zonheuvel estate is surrounded by woods that are made for walking, and if you want to take a break from the congress, you can easily go back to your hotel room to take some time for yourself.

More information will be placed here as we move along.

Contact e-mail :

We hope to have sparked your enthusiasm!

It would be our honour to welcome you to our congress.


Kindest regards,
The congress committee


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