We have had VDNR virtual meeting the 28. april 2021 and two presentations, respectively:
 1) Presentation about The Accessibility from Sami, Finland. Subtitling in Finland: Historical overview, status and new challenges. Decree: Live subtitling will be mandatory in 2022, Finnish and Swedish. Press conferences about Covid19: subtitles because of the special occasion. Proposal: Web and TV accessibility a topic for the next meeting. We will try to bring Norway in – seemes more improved. 
Aïda from EFHOH: See too LTA, Live Text Access, a European project, https://ltaproject.eu/ 
Video about the LTA Project https://youtu.be/-3u9Utp33DM 
2) Presentation about The Accessibility from Teet, Estonia, responsible for the organization. Status and challenges Legislation: induction loop in new buildings, in stores, hotel etc. No solution for deaf people. Subtitles in TV 3 channels: 17 % – 23 %. Difficult and expensive. Software for automatic subtitling will be complete this summer. Subtitles in Estonia films work well. Conclusion: we collaborate with other organizations for disabled people. New Baltic Railway: work in progress to secure accessibility for hard of hearing people.
3) We talked about the VDNR annual meeting and seminar in Copenhagen the 23. – 26. september 2021. More info comes later.