2023, Vilnius
Speech-to-text interpreting in Daily Living Solutions, Pictures as eyewitnesses
Music Without Ears
by Liisa Sammalpenger, Finnish Hearing Association & Stina Ojala Dept of Computing, University of Turku
When a CI alone is not enough by Mara Harjunmaa, Finland
Situation regarding hearing loss in Lithuania by Lector Joana Vanagienė, Vice-Chairwoman of PAGAVA, Lithuania
Cochlear implants. Family experience by Lector Asta Girnienė, Lithuania
Cochlear implants. Family experience by Lector Jonas Girnys, Lithuania
Deafened and Interpreter-user Committee, Annual Report 2022 by Trine Lindhards-Gaarsdahl, Denmark
Report Kuto 2022 – Deafened committee of Kuuloliitto by Liisa Sammalpenger, Finland
CITO Activity Report 2022 by Sari Hirvonen-Skarbö, Finland
Estonian Report 2022 by Lii Lember and Siiri Kahro, Estonia

2022, Riga
Audio Speech Therapist Education in Latvia by Ilze Blumentale and Ilze Klatenberga, Latvia
Cochlear Implants, Karl Magnus Borås, Sweden
PAGAVA by Rima Sitavičienė by Chairwoman of the Association PAGAVA, Lithuania
Cochlear Implants in Latvia by Dr. med. Sandra Kušķe, Latvia Children Hearing Centre RSU, RF, Latvia
Hard of Hearing Challenges and Solutions by Trine Lindhards-Gaarsdahl, Denmark
CITO – CI Users Working Group by Sari Hirvonen-Skarbö, Finland
Three Years of Auditory Verbal Therapy by Cecilia Fernandez-Samar, Head of Audiology Department, Rigshospitalet and Stella Dyrberg, CEO, Decibel, Denmark
Solutions and Challenges Finland by Liisa Sammalpenger, Finland
Latvian Association for Support of Hearing-Impaired People, SADZIRDI by Olafs Slutins, President  of Sadzirdi, Latvia
How AI Language Technologies are Changing Government and Citizen Communication by Kaspars Kauliņš, Business Development Director @Tilde, Latvia
Challenges and Solutions for HoH in Estonia by Külliki Bode and Eva Leesment, Estonia

2021, Copenhagen
Speech-to-text  by Anders Olsvoll, HLF Briskeby, Norway
A Swedish Handbook in Speech-to-text Interpreting by Ulf Norberg, Stockholm University, Sweden
Den Nationale Tolkemyndighed by Bo Kragelund, cheif of Tolkemyndigheden, Denmark
Rehabilitation for cochlear implant recipients by Abigail Anne Kressner, Assistant Professor, DTU Health Tech, Denmark
Why People with a Cochlear Implant Listen to Music by Jeremy Marozeau, Hearing Systems, DTU, Denmark
The Situation of Speech to Text (STT) Interpreting in Nordic and Baltic Countries by Liisa Sammalpenger, Finland
Start-up speech-to-text by Teet Kallaste, Estonia